Our Bellevue Divorce Lawyers Guide You Through the Divorce Process

According to statemaster.com, Washington has a 4.6 percent divorce rate, technically ranking it #13 in the United States, although this rate is very close to those of many other states. It is interesting to note that a recent report indicated that more than 40 percent of all recent Washington divorces were uncontested, and more than 5,000 divorces did not require a court appearance.

Uncontested divorce is typically a quicker and less expensive process—but it is not right for all couples. The experienced attorneys at the divorce law firm of Gregorek and Associates, PLLC help clients in Bellevue, Seattle and throughout Washington determine the type of divorce most beneficial for their situation.

Preparation is key

Regardless of how you plan to proceed, divorce law firms in Bellevue begin by guiding you through the preparatory stage. This involves gathering detailed information about your marital and non-marital assets—including, but certainly not limited to, the family home and other property, financial holdings, vehicles, and other items of value.

Although Washington is a community property state, spouses can automatically keep property they own outside of the marriage. For any property you own individually, your attorney needs to know how property was acquired and if that property ever became comingled with marital assets.

Uncontested divorces can avoid the courts

Bellevue divorce law firms can often guide clients toward a court-free divorce.  Such methods as divorce mediation or collaborative divorce allow couples to negotiate their own settlement of division of property, spousal support, and all issues pertaining to the children. When couples can agree on all issues, they retain more control over their own futures, and avoid the complexity and stress of a courtroom battle with a relatively simple administrative procedure.

Couples who cannot agree must go to court

It is only when couples cannot negotiate agreement to all terms of divorce that they must head to court with their Bellevue divorce lawyers, who present their cases before a judge. The judge then uses a combination of state guidelines and judgment to decide all issues. As with any civil trial, this process can be highly contentious and emotionally charged.

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