How to Evaluate a Divorce Attorney in Bellevue

For many people, ending a marriage is one of them most emotionally charged legal issues imaginable. You need to know you can have a special connection with your Bellevue divorce attorney to share the most personal issues of your life.

Your initial consultation should reveal Bellevue divorce attorneys with specific traits

You may interview a number of Bellevue divorce law firms before you find the one you feel you can trust.

  • Local experience. Divorce attorneys need a detailed understanding of state divorce laws and processes. Individuals in Bellevue, Seattle and throughout Washington can be assured representation. Gregorek and Associates, PLLC provides the skilled legal support needed, no matter how complex the issues may be.
  • Attention to your best interests. Unless the issues are highly contentious, many couples are able to agree on more issues than they expect—with the help of some form of mediation. During the initial consultation, a Bellevue divorce attorney should mention the advantages of an uncontested divorce in allowing divorcing couples to retain more control over their own divorce settlement—and potentially save money along the way. If the attorney recommends taking the case to court, he or she should explain why this process is needed. At Gregorek and Associates, PLLC, we help our clients with both uncontested and contested divorce. We take the time to guide you toward the best option for your situation.
  • Communication. The Bellevue attorney you choose needs to really listen to what you have to say and communicate using plain language. Divorce is a time of decision making—the attorneys at Gregorek and Associates, PLLC take the time to ensure you clearly understand your options so you can decide what is best for you.
  • Compassion. Although the ability to separate facts from emotions is critical in extending the legal support you need, you must know that your attorney understands how you feel.  Each attorney at Gregorek and Associates, PLLC sees you as a person—not just a divorce case. We offer the personal support you need to make your way toward the best possible future.

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Your free initial consultation with our attorneys is an important first step toward developing the trust you need to navigate your way through the legal and emotional issues that arise during a divorce. To find out how a Bellevue divorce lawyer can help, contact Gregorek and Associates, PLLC today.  Located in Kirkland, WA, our divorce attorneys support clients in Bellevue, Seattle, and throughout Washington State.