The Role of a Seattle Probate Litigation Lawyer

No matter how carefully you prepare your estate to ensure your loved ones are protected after you die, many issues can arise to affect your plans:

  • Probate courts may determine your remaining wealth must be used to pay outstanding debt.
  • Relatives may contest a will on the grounds that they feel it was fraudulently executed.
  • Business partners may take issue with how you chose to disseminate your portion of the business.

Whether you are planning for the future, or if you have issues pertaining to the will of a friend or loved one, you need a skilled Seattle probate litigation attorney to help ensure the best results for your case.

Probate may be unavoidable

When planning your estate, the Seattle probate attorneys at Gregorek and Associates, PLLC typically take the legal measures to avoid future probate issues whenever possible. But, we also recognize that probate ensures supervision of asset transfers. This helps reduce the risk that family disputes or fraudulent actions will keep your intended beneficiaries and creditors from receiving the assets and property they deserve. We carefully consider your unique needs and goals when building an estate plan.

The rights of heirs and beneficiaries in probate disputes

Typical probate disputes include numerous participants:

  • Personal representative. This is an individual chosen by the decedent to administer the estate.
  • Attorney of the personal representative. Some personal representatives retain probate attorneys in Seattle to help them administer the estate.
  • The court. A judge makes decisions based on whether any outstanding issues or disputes prevent distribution of the estate as intended by the decedent.
  • Heirs and beneficiaries. These individuals have the most to gain or lose, based on the results of probate disputes. Whether the named heirs need to protect their rights to the inheritance intended by the decedent, or if they believe they have a right to property left to someone else, retaining a skilled attorney is critical to achieving the best possible resolution.

It is important to understand that anyone disputing a will bears the burden of providing convincing proof of their right to the property they pursue. Probate litigation is concerned more with the relevant facts, as opposed to what the law says, requiring extensive legal knowledge to prepare an effective case. And when heirs and beneficiaries are unsuccessful in proving their cases against an existing will, they can be required to pay the attorney fees for the personal representative and court costs associated with the dispute.

Contact Gregorek and Associates, PLLC for the support you need during the probate process

Hiring a skilled Seattle probate lawyer is important to ensure the desires of a loved one are carried out after death—and that the rights of beneficiaries and heirs are protected during the probate process. Gregorek and Associates, PLLC provides the skilled legal support needed during this complicated process. Contact Gregorek and Associates, PLLC today.  Located in Kirkland, WA, our probate law firm supports clients in Seattle, Bellevue, and throughout Washington State.