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Helping Clients in Seattle, Bellevue, and throughout Washington with Inheritance Issues

When a loved one dies with or without a will, the estate must pass through a process known as probate, in which the court reviews the estate—including outstanding debt—and determines all issues of debt collection and inheritance. It should be noted that the existence of a trust can dramatically alter the extent to which courts should be involved.  Either way, seeking experienced representation by probate law firms is virtually essential, especially when large, complex estates in Seattle are involved.

How Seattle probate law firms can help throughout the process

An experienced Seattle probate law firm is helpful to both the estate and beneficiaries throughout the probate process.  Our probate services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Valuation of the estate. It takes a firm with extensive experience to identify and document all assets and debt to protect the rights beneficiaries during the probate process. Our Seattle probate attorneys have the experience needed to handle this complex aspect of the process.
  • Representation of beneficiaries and heirs. It is not uncommon for disputes to arise during the probate process—particularly when questions exist pertaining to the validity of the will.  Whether you believe the will does not reflect what your loved one intended, or if you need to protect the original intentions of the will against illegitimate disputes, Gregorek and Associates, PLLC has the legal skills and knowledge to provide the support you need.
  • Handling tax issues. Taxes can be a major probate issue. All taxes must be paid on an estate before assets can be disseminated among beneficiaries and heirs. Plus, anyone receiving an inheritance can be subject to unexpected tax issues.  The attorneys at Gregorek and Associates, PLLC know how to apply state and federal tax laws to ensure the best possible tax outcome from the probate process.

Contact Gregorek and Associates, PLLC for the support you need during the probate process

Skilled probate support is important to ensure the desires of a loved one are carried out after death—and that the rights of beneficiaries and heirs are protected during the probate process. Gregorek and Associates, PLLC provides the skilled legal support needed during this complicated process. To find out if a Seattle attorney can help, contact Gregorek and Associates, PLLC today.  Located in Kirkland, WA, our probate law firm supports clients in Bellevue, Seattle, and throughout Washington State.