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End of Life Care: Do My Children Know My Wishes?

As a person starts to get older, their own mortality becomes more of a factor in their life. A difficult conversation for any parent to have is a talk with their child about a period of time when they will no longer be here. However, having this conversation is critically important to ensure that your last wishes are met both when it comes to a period of time in which you’re not able to make decisions for yourself or following your passing. Although you may think that you have made your wishes clear, having confirmation from your children that they thoroughly understand this is something that will provide you with a certain undeniable peace of mind.

How Do I Talk To My Children About My Last Wishes?

Having a conversation with your children about your last wishes is something that can be challenging and uncomfortable for both you as well as your children. No one generally likes to talk about a time when they will not longer be there. However, setting aside time to have this conversation is critical. Whether you opt to have a family dinner or even a Zoom call in our technology driven day and age, ensuring that you’re able to speak to your loved ones is key when it comes to your final wishes being met once you pass away.

How Do I Make My Last Wishes Clear?

One of the most effective ways to make your last wishes clear to your children and family is to develop an estate plan. In order to remove any speculation or confusion, one of the best things that you can do is to include your family in the estate planning process. There are several estate planning documents that you can use as part of your overarching plan. Here are a few examples:

• Last Will & Testament
This document will dictate the manner in which you would like to see your assets distributed after your passing. You will also name a person who will be in charge of distributing these assets which is referred to as an Executor.

• Financial power of attorney
A financial power of attorney is a document that can be used during your lifetime. If you’re unable to take care of your own financial affairs, your power of attorney can step in and assist you as needed or take over these responsibilities completely.

• Healthcare power of attorney
In the event that you’re unable to make your own healthcare decisions, a healthcare power of attorney can make them on your behalf according to the terms and conditions that you set out in your power of attorney.

• Living will
If you do not want doctors to use extraordinary means in the event of an injury, your living will will be an important document to have. It can also serve as guidance when it comes to the wishes that you have for your final care in the event that you’re in jeopardy of passing away.

How Can an Estate Planning Attorney Help Me To Make My Last Wishes Clear?

One of the most effective ways to make your last wishes clear is to partner with an experienced estate planning attorney so that you can develop documents which help you to feel comfortable and confident in your final decisions. Our law firm have years of experience when it comes to this field and our team is readily available to meet with you or with you and your family to ensure that you have the support and tools that you need regarding this process. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment.

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