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Read below to learn more about how Gregorek and Associates, PLLC can help you with your real estate legal needs. Our firm is available to assist with all real estate matters, including—

  • Residential services
  • Commercial services

General information

The buying or selling of real estate involves a large financial investment combined with substantial risks and complex legal issues. In concert with your real estate and escrow agents, it is important to have legal representation for the review and negotiation of your real estate contracts. Hiring a qualified real estate attorney is the only way for you to ensure that you and your assets are protected.

It is not advisable to wait until something goes wrong to seek the counsel of a real estate attorney. It is far less time-consuming and expensive if an experienced attorney assists you in the prevention of a problem rather than the resolution of a problem after it occurs. Resolution of a conflict can involve substantial financial loss and emotional distress.

The manner in which you own real estate can have profound effects on your estate plan and your overall financial security. Only your attorney can properly evaluate your situation and advise you as to the best way to own real estate.

Our services

The attorneys at Gregorek and Associates are prepared to assist you in all your real estate matters.

Residential services:

  • Landlord and tenant relations
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Lease options
  • Investor strategies
  • Quiet title actions
  • Easements

Commercial services:

  • Landlord and tenant relations
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Lease options
  • Assist builders and developers
  • Investor strategies
  • Prepare deeds and real estate contracts

Gregorek and Associates offers litigation services in most areas of real estate. To find out how we can help you with your real estate purchase or sale, contact the firm today.

Landlord and tenant relations

Common issues with landlord and tenant relationships include failure to pay rent, continued disorderly conduct, willful destruction or damage to property, or habitual lateness in paying rent. Gregorek and Associates, PLLC has experience in representing both landlords and tenants.

Purchase and sale agreements

These are documents that draw up the exact terms of your purchase or sale, whether residential or commercial. Establishing clear terms that bind both buyer and seller to precise arrangements is imperative for a successful transaction.

Lease options

A lease option is the opportunity to buy a property you are renting at a future date. The price is generally agreed to at the time the lease option document is signed. These are particularly common during slower real estate markets when it is difficult to sell property.

Investor strategies

Whether you are interested in residential or commercial real estate, Gregorek and Associates, PLLC can provide valuable insight, research, and guidance when it comes to forming your investor strategy. Enlisting a team of seasoned real estate professionals can help you position yourself in a smart and effective way to maximize your opportunities and make sure you get the most return on your investments.

Quiet title actions

These are court proceedings that establish an individual’s right to ownership of real property against one or more adverse claimants.


Easements are zoning issues. An easement allows another person the right to use your land for a specific purpose.

Assist builders and developers

At Gregorek and Associates, PLLC, we are able to serve as a resource for builders and developers working on your commercial real estate project. We can guide third parties through any and all related legal issues, including document preparation and zoning concerns.

Prepare deeds and real estate contracts

If you are embarking on either a residential or commercial real estate sale, purchase, or project, it is wise to retain an experienced firm to oversee all document preparation from contract to close.

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